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Prepare tender documentation

Unit Descriptor This competency standard specifies the outcomes required to prepare tender documentation for property/facility management and/or maintenance operations. It requires the ability to accurately determine property requirements, develop a detailed budget, and prepare documentation in accordance with established tender criteria and conditions.

1 . Determine tender requirements
  1. Tender brief and other relevant documentation are obtained and analysed to establish tender requirements in consultation with relevant people

  2. Viability to comply with tender requirements is assessed against project specifications and organisational operational capacity

  3. Risk assessment is conducted on anticipated project outcomes in accordance with organisational and legislative requirements

  4. Personal limitations in assessing tender requirements are identified and assistance sought as required from relevant people

  5. All relevant legislative requirements are interpreted and allowed for within parameters of tender requirements

2 . Estimate resource requirements
  1. Financial, physical and human resource requirements are determined in accordance with tender requirements

  2. Organisational rate schedules and conditions are applied to establish costings where appropriate in accordance with organisational requirements

  3. Factors that may affect capacity to meet tender requirements are identified through risk analysis and accounted for in resource estimates

  4. All information is reviewed to ensure accuracy and a budget determined to meet assessed tender and resource requirements

3 . Prepare tender documentation
  1. Business equipment/technology is used to gather and compile relevant information in a suitable format according to organisational requirements

  2. Draft tender documentation is prepared which accurately reflects project requirements and complies with specific tender criteria and conditions

  3. Draft tender documentation is distributed to relevant people to check accuracy of information and that project requirements are clearly addressed

  4. Feedback is sought and where appropriate incorporated into tender documentation

  5. Final documentation is lodged within designated timelines and a copy securely maintained in accordance with organisational requirements

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?clarifying tender criteria and conditions3
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?locating and assessing information to establish tender requirements3
How are activities planned and organised?planning tender activities to match timeframe and budget constraints3
How are problem solving skills applied?collaborating with relevant people to seek and incorporate feedback into tender documentation2
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?compiling resource costings for use in a detailed budget2
How is use of technology applied?identifying risk factors that may affect anticipated project outcomes3
How is team work used within this competency?communicating, sourcing, reviewing and documenting information2

Range Statement

Property documentation may include information relating to:

Relevant people may include:

Viability may include consideration of:

Risk assessment may include:

Organisational requirements may be outlined and reflected in:

Legislative requirements may be outlined and reflected in:

Business equipment/technology may include:

Tender criteria and conditions may include:

Feedback may be sought from:

Evidence Guide

A person who demonstrates competency in this standard must be able to provide evidence of:

Required knowledge and understanding includes but is not limited to:

Required skills and attributes include:

technology skills to:

Resource implications for assessment include:

Validity and sufficiency of evidence requires:

Integrated competency assessment:

This competency standard could be assessed on its own or as part of an integrated assessment activity involving other relevant competencies relevant to the job function