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Carry out concrete work

Unit Descriptor

1 . Plan work
  1. Quality Assurance requirements for company's concrete operations recognised and adhered to.

  2. OH&S requirements with application tasks and workplace environment recognised and adhered to including identification of hazardous material.

  3. Appropriate personal protective equipment selected, correctly fitted and used.

  4. Tools and equipment selected, to carry out processes consistent with job requirements, checked for serviceability and any faults reported to supervisor.

  5. Procedures and the individual's role is identified through the supervisor in team operation to place concrete.

2 . Carry out concrete placement
  1. Assistance provided with undertaking of relevant concrete tests.

  2. Concrete transported correctly with wheelbarrow and discharged into formwork using correct manual handling techniques.

  3. Concrete placed to instruction minimising spillage.

  4. Concrete compacted to specification and instruction using immersion vibrator or other specified method.

  5. Concrete screeded to specified levels/grades as per instructions.

  6. Concrete finished to instruction to specified surface finish.

  7. Curing process identified and applied to instruction.

  8. Concrete surface adequately covered with appropriate material to support curing process and protect from damage.

3 . Clean up site
  1. Site cleaned free of debris.

  2. Waste and unwanted material disposed of safely.

  3. Tools and equipment cleaned, maintained and stored.

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?1
How are activities planned and organised?1
How are problem solving skills applied?1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?1
How is use of technology applied?1
How is team work used within this competency?1

Range Statement

Concrete work includes placement of concrete into:


is undertaken as part of a team under supervision.

Tools and equipment may include:

Quality Assurance requirements may include:

OH&S requirements to be in accordance with State/Territory legislation and regulations and may include:

Relevant concrete tests include:

Waste material and debris may include:

Personal protective equipment may include:

Concrete may be transported to formwork and placed by the following methods:

Concrete may be finished by:

Concrete may be cured by:


would be part of supervisor's directions. Instructions and reporting of faults may be verbal or written.

Evidence Guide

Critical Aspects and Evidence

It is essential that competence is observed in the following aspects:

Pre-requisite Relationship of Units

Competency in this unit may be determined concurrently, based upon integrated project work using the following units of competence:

Pre-requisites for this unit are:

Underpinning Knowledge and Skills

A knowledge of:

The ability to:

Resource Implications

The following resources should be made available:

Method of Assessment

Competency shall be assessed while work is undertaken under direct supervision with regular checks, but may include some autonomy when working as part of a team, in order to achieve outcomes within time constraints.

Assessment shall be by direct observation of tasks and questioning related to underpinning knowledge.

Assessment may be by intermittent checking at the various stages of the job application in accordance with the performance criteria, or may be at the completion of the process.

Context of Assessment

Competency shall be assessed in the workplace or simulated workplace environment in accordance with work practices and safety procedures.