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Prepare a sponsorship proposal

Unit Descriptor This unit has been developed for the Sport Industry Training Package. This unit covers information needed to develop a sponsorship proposal and service sponsors throughout the contracted period.

1 . Collect information to prepare a sponsorship proposal

  1. Identify information on the important part sponsorship can play in the operation of a business

  2. Identify sources of information on all relevant sporting affiliations

  3. Identify information on existing contractual obligations to all relevant sporting affiliations

  4. Identify sources of information on the demographics of a number of sports

  5. Identify sources of information for advice on writing sponsorship proposals

2 . Research the background of potential sponsors

  1. Identify a number of companies who could be approached with a sponsorship proposal a

  2. Obtain the mission statement and values of each identified company

  3. Identify sources of information on the core business of each identified company

  4. Identify a list of key personnel in each identified company

3 . Develop a sponsorship proposal

  1. Include the benefits the sponsorship can offer the company targeted in the proposal

  2. Identify the rights and responsibilities of each party

  3. Include all relevant details of the person/organisations requesting the sponsorship in the proposal

4 . Develop a plan for on going servicing of sponsors

  1. The plan includes all the listed requirements within the sponsorship contract

  2. The plan identifies personnel within the organisation who will be responsible for each listed requirement

  3. The plan includes a timeframe and methodology for delivering sponsorship requirements within the contracted period

  4. The plan includes methods of reporting back to the sponsor on the progress of the contracted activities

  5. The plan includes the subject areas that will be addressed in the final report at the completion of the contract

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Develop a sponsorship proposal2
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Identify and collect relevant information to prepare a sponsorship proposal2
How are activities planned and organised?Develop a plan to service a sponsorship2
How are problem solving skills applied?Work with other parties associated with the sponsorship2
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Not applicable0
How is use of technology applied?Provide monitoring and reporting to service the sponsorship2
How is team work used within this competency?Use computer to prepare sponsorship proposal1

Range Statement

Advice on writing sponsorship proposals

Important part a sponsorship can play

Key personnel

Methods of reporting

Rights and responsibilities of each party

Subject areas

Timeframe and methodology

Evidence Guide

Critical aspects of evidence to be considered

Interdependent assessment of units

Required knowledge and skills

Resource implications

Consistency in performance

Context for assessment