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Cut and bend materials using Oxy/LPG equipment

Unit Descriptor This unit specifies the competency required to heat, cut and bend construction materials using Oxy/LPG equipment. The unit includes the planning and preparation for the work, the set up and testing of the equipment, the cutting of materials, the heating and bending of materials, the shut down of equipment and the completion of clean-up activities.

1 . Plan and prepare
  1. Work instructions, including plans, specifications, quality requirements and operational details are obtained, confirmed and applied

  2. Safety requirements are followed in accordance with safety plans and policies

  3. Signage/barricade requirements are identified and implemented

  4. Plant, tools and equipment are selected to carry out tasks are consistent with the requirements of the job, checked for serviceability and any faults are rectified or reported prior to commencement

  5. Material quantity requirements are calculated in accordance with plans and/or specifications

  6. Materials appropriate to the work application are identified, obtained, prepared, safely handled and located ready for use

  7. Environmental protection requirements are identified for the project in accordance with environmental plans and regulatory obligations and applied

2 . Set up and test equipment
  1. Correct fire extinguisher is selected and located to be readily accessible prior to and during operations

  2. Regulators are attached to Oxy and Acetylene bottles in accordance with manufacturers' specifications and OH&S regulations

  3. Lines are purges to manufacturers' recommendations prior to lighting up

  4. Equipment is tested for leaks and corrective action undertaken or faults reported

  5. Correct pressures and cutting tips are selected in accordance with material to be cut and manufacturers' specifications

3 . Cut material
  1. Material is accurately marked and secured or clamped ready for cutting

  2. Torch is lit correctly and safely according to manufacturers' specifications

  3. Setting of flame is adjusted for cutting to manufacturers' recommendations

  4. Correct cutting position is adopted during cutting to set out mark

4 . Heat and bend material
  1. Material is accurately marked and secured to clamped ready for cutting

  2. Torch is lit correctly and safely according to manufacturers' specifications

  3. Heat is applied to specified material and weakening effects of the heating process are minimised

  4. Material is bent to specification and correctly cooled

5 . Shut down
  1. Torch is switched off according to manufacturers' specifications

  2. Gas supply is shut off according to manufacturers' specifications

6 . Clean up
  1. Work area is cleared and materials disposed of, reused or recycled in accordance with legislation/regulations/codes of practice and job specification

  2. Plant, tools and equipment are cleaned, checked, maintained and stored in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations and standard work practices

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Communicate ideas and information orally and in writing, in simple English to enable confirmation of work requirements, passage of information and requests to other workers during operations and the reporting and recording of work outcomes1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Collect, organise, interpret and understand the information required for the cutting and bending of materials using Oxy/LPG equipment, including work instructions, plans/sketches/diagrams, safety instructions, signage, labels, quality procedures, manufacturer's instructions, material safety data sheets and equipment instructions1
How are activities planned and organised?Conduct activities associated with the cutting and bending of materials using Oxy/LPG equipment, including the coordination and use of equipment, materials and tools to avoid backtracking and rework1
How are problem solving skills applied?Work with others and in a team by recognising dependencies and using co-operative approaches to optimise satisfaction and productivity1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Use mathematical ideas and techniques to correctly calculate time to complete tasks, estimate measurements, distances and levels, calculate material requirements and establish quality checks1
How is use of technology applied?Establish safe and effective work processes which anticipate likely problems and blockages and systematically work around these to avoid or minimise reworking and avoid wastage1
How is team work used within this competency?Use workplace technology related to the cutting and bending of materials using Oxy/LPG equipment, including the use of calculators, the use of heating and cutting equipment, the use of communication devices and the reporting/recording of results1

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BCGCM1001B Follow OH&S policies and procedures

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