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Manage and control stock supply and purchase

Unit Descriptor Manage and control stock supply and purchase

1 . Establish and implement an order and supply process
  1. Establish and implement an order and supply process in the workplace

  2. Establish economic order quantities based on internal information and supplier advice

  3. Take situations creating extra demand into consideration, ie, peak times, new staff, advertising and monitor current usage of stock for wastage

  4. Determine stock levels according to peak seasons, special events and supplier's lead time

  5. Develop process to include monitoring of quality during supply and delivery processes

2 . Establish and implement stock control systems

  1. Develop stock control systems and communicate to all appropriate persons within the organisation

  2. Apply special control systems to items showing high wastage or loss

  3. Apply a range of data to calculate standard methods and measures and communicate these to appropriate persons within the organisation

  4. Monitor systems within the workplace and make adjustments according to feedback and operational experience

  5. Train staff to minimise stock wastage

  6. Implement and maintain systems to prevent theft

3 . Develop optimum supply arrangements

  1. Evaluate quality of supply based on feedback from colleagues and clients

  2. Source potential suppliers and review against the organisation's requirements

  3. Develop purchase specifications and obtain quotes from different suppliers as required

  4. Assess suppliers against specifications and select best options and approval given to designated person

  5. Obtain all required information, check and verify for efficient ordering and make purchases within budget allocations

  6. Order new product/supplies, if appropriate, following an established pattern of demand

  7. Monitor performance of suppliers and amend sources of supply in accordance with assessment

4 . Manage stock take/ reconciliation of actual stock levels with records

  1. Plan stock take/reconciliation to designated timelines

  2. Follow appropriate counting procedures and establish checks to ensure accuracy

  3. Use an auditor if necessary

  4. Complete all paperwork accurately and within legislative requirements and monitor maintenance of records to ensure that records are stored for requisite amount of time

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Instructing new staff on stock control system1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Collecting information regarding peak usage times2
How are activities planned and organised?Planning stock take to designated timelines2
How are problem solving skills applied?Working with suppliers to establish lead-in times1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Counting items during a stock take2
How is use of technology applied?Sourcing new suppliers after monitoring performance of suppliers2
How is team work used within this competency?Using a spreadsheet application to monitor stock1

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for establishing stock control system

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Stock control systems

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