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Maintain tools and equipment

Unit Descriptor This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to care for and maintain workplace hairdressing tools and equipment.

1 . Clean and disinfect tools and equipment.
  1. Residual hair and product are cleaned off tools and equipment .

  2. Tools and equipment are cleaned and disinfected in compliance with relevant legislation and workplace policies and procedures .

2 . Maintain tools and equipment.
  1. Scissors and clippers are regularly checked for bluntness and sent for sharpening when necessary.

  2. Disposable razor blades are examined to detect imperfections and defects and replaced as required.

  3. Discarded blades are disposed of according to relevant legislation and workplace policies and procedures.

  4. All tools and equipment are maintained in working condition.

3 . Store tools and equipment.
  1. Clean linen is stored in a clean dry place and in line with local health regulations.

  2. Cleaned and disinfected tools and equipment are stored according to local health regulations.

4 . Maintain electrical equipment.
  1. Equipment is checked for loose wires and referred to a licensed electrician for repair where required.

  2. Equipment is checked and maintained according to relevant legislative and regulatory requirements .

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Following workplace policies and procedures for the cleaning and maintenance of tools and equipment requires the communication of ideas and information with other staff.1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Cleaning and disinfecting tools and equipment require information on workplace policies and procedures and legislative requirements to be collected, analysed and organised.1
How are activities planned and organised?Cleaning and disinfecting tools and equipment according to a workplace routine require activities to be planned and organised.1
How are problem solving skills applied?Maintaining tools and equipment for use by other team members requires teamwork.1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?Measuring and using cleaning and disinfecting products require the use of mathematical ideas and techniques.1
How is use of technology applied?Identifying faulty tools and equipment and arranging for repairs require problem solving skills.2
How is team work used within this competency?Checking and maintaining electrical equipment may require the use of technology.1

Range Statement

Tools and equipment may include:

Workplace policies and procedures may include:

Scissors may include:

Clippers may include:

Clean linen may include:

Relevant legislative and regulatory requirements may include:

Evidence Guide

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Context of assessment

For valid and reliable assessment of this unit, competency should be consistently demonstrated over a period of time and observed by the assessor and/or the technical expert working in partnership with the assessor. The technical expert may include the hairdresser and/or an experienced person at the workplace.

Competency should be demonstrated in the workplace or a simulated workplace environment in a range of situations that may include client interruptions and involvement in other related activities normally expected in the workplace. For further guidance on the use of an appropriate simulated environment, refer to the Assessment Guidelines in this Training Package.

Specific resources for assessment

Competency for this unit should be assessed through access to:

Relationship to other units

In the context of an assessment-only and/or a training delivery and assessment pathway, all units that relate to a job function may be integrated for assessment purposes.

Prerequisite units:


Co-requisite units:

Method of assessment

The following assessment method is suggested.

Evidence required for demonstration of consistent performance

For valid and reliable assessment of this unit, evidence should be gathered through a range of methods to indicate consistent performance.

It can be gathered from assessment of the unit of competency alone, through an integrated assessment activity or through a combination of both.

Evidence should be gathered as part of the learning process.