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Create and use spreadsheets

Unit Descriptor This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to correctly create and use spreadsheets and charts through the use of spreadsheet software. No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.

1 . Select and prepare resources

  1. Adjust workspace, furniture and equipment to suit user ergonomic, work organisation and occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements

  2. Use energy and resource conservation techniques to minimise wastage in accordance with organisational and statutory requirements

  3. Identify spreadsheet task requirements and clarify with relevant personnel as required

2 . Create simple spreadsheets

  1. Ensure data is entered, checked and amended in accordance with organisational and task requirements, to maintain consistency of design and layout

  2. Format spreadsheet using software functions, to adjust page and cell layout to meet information requirements, in accordance with organisational style and presentation requirements

  3. Ensure formulae are used and tested to confirm output meets task requirements, in consultation with appropriate personnel as required

  4. Use manuals, user documentation and online help to overcome problems with spreadsheet design and production

3 . Produce simple charts

  1. Select chart type and design that enables valid representation of numerical data and meets organisational and task requirements

  2. Create chart using appropriate data range in the spreadsheet

  3. Modify chart type and layout using formatting features

4 . Finalise spreadsheets

  1. Ensure spreadsheet and any accompanying charts are previewed, adjusted and printed in accordance with organisational and task requirements

  2. Ensure data input meets designated time lines and organisational requirements for speed and accuracy

  3. Name and store spreadsheet in accordance with organisational requirements and exit the application without data loss/damage

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

Range Statement

Ergonomic requirements may include:

Work organisation requirements may include:

Conservation techniques may include:

Spreadsheet task requirements may include:

Data may include:

Checking may include:

Formatting may include:

Software functions may include:

Formulae may include:

Chart types may include:

Features may include:

Printing may include:

Designated time lines may include:

Storing data may include:

Evidence Guide

Overview of assessment

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Evidence of the following is essential:

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Assessment must ensure:

Method of assessment

A range of assessment methods should be used to assess practical skills and knowledge. The following examples are appropriate for this unit:

Guidance information for assessment

Holistic assessment with other units relevant to the industry sector, workplace and job role is recommended, for example: