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Provide support to an older person

Unit Descriptor This unit describes the knowledge and skills required by workers within their designated role and responsibilities to support an older people maintain their quality of life.

1 . Demonstrate an understanding of the physical and psychosocial aspects of ageing.
  1. Strategies that the older person may adopt to promote healthy lifestyle practices are outlined

  2. Physical changes associated with ageing are taken into account when delivering services

  3. The older person's interests and life activities are recognised and accommodated when delivering services

  4. The older person is assisted to recognise the impact physical changes associated with ageing may have on their activities of living

2 . Establish and maintain appropriate relationships with older people
  1. Self introduction occurs appropriately

  2. Courtesy towards the older person is demonstrated

  3. Short interpersonal exchanges with the older person occur to develop, establish and maintain relationships

  4. All interactions with the older person aim at generating a trusting relationship

  5. Confidentiality and privacy of the older person is maintained within organisational policy and protocols

  6. Support is provided to the older person to maintain social and community networks

3 . Assist the older person to identify and meet their needs
  1. The older person is assisted to identify their own needs

  2. Support is provided to the older person to enable them to direct their own support services, where appropriate

  3. Support is provided in accordance with organisational policy and protocols

  4. Support is provided to the older person to participate in social and recreational activities as requested

  1. Support is provided to the older person to meet spiritual, cultural, emotional and sexuality within organisational policy and protocols

  2. Assistance is sought when it is not possible to provide appropriate support to the older person

4 . Respond to situations of risk to the older person within work role and responsibilities
  1. Assistance is provided to maintain a safe and healthy environment

  2. Situations of risk, or potential risk, to the older person are identified and reported to a supervisor

  3. Situations of risks, or potential risk, are responded to appropriately and communicated to a supervisor

  4. Strategies to minimise risk are implemented and communicated to a supervisor and colleagues

  5. Uncharacteristic or inappropriate behaviour is reported to a supervisor

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

Range Statement

Older people may include:

Environments may include:

Needs of the older person may include:

Support may include:

Reporting may be, and include:

Behaviours that my require support & management may include:

Situations of risk or potential risk, may include:

Appropriate communication and relationship building processes may include:

Organisational policies and procedures may include:

Evidence Guide

Critical aspects of assessment must include:

Concurrent assessment and relationship with other units:

This unit can be assessed independently, however holistic assessment practice with other community services units of competency is encouraged

Essential knowledge must include:

Essential skills must include:

Resource implications:

Method of assessment:

Consistency in performance:

It is recommended that assessment or information for assessment will be conducted or gathered over a period of time and cover the normal range of workplace situations and settings

Context of assessment:

This unit will be most appropriately assessed in the workplace and under the normal range of workplace conditions