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Treat weeds

Unit Descriptor Treat weeds

1 . Prepare to treat weeds
  1. Weeds which impact on commercial crops, gardens and turf, and natural areas are recognised by common name

  2. Details of the weed occurrence are recorded and reported to the supervisor

  3. Treatment methods are selected in consultation with the supervisor

  4. Equipment is selected and prepared for use according to enterprise guidelines and manufacturers specifications

  5. Occupational Health and Safetyhazards are identified, risks assessed and reported to the supervisor

2 . Treat weeds

  1. Suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is selected, used, maintained and stored

  2. Treatments are prepared according to supervisor's instructions and manufacturers guidelines

  3. Treatments are applied in such a way that non-target damage is minimised

  4. Treatments are applied according to Occupational Health and Safety and regulatory requirements

3 . Carry out post treatment operations

  1. Equipment is shut down and cleaned with full consideration of environmental impacts and Occupational Health and Safety requirements

  2. Treatment waste is disposed of causing minimal environmental damage

  3. Records are maintained according to enterprise guidelines

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?Relating to applying weed treatments should be discussed with other members of the work team and the supervisor1
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?Relating to applying weed treatments should be discussed with other members of the work team and the supervisor1
How are activities planned and organised?Equipment, materials and work procedures for applying treatments will need to be arranged before and between work periods, and there may be some responsibility for coordinating work with others1
How are problem solving skills applied?The application of treatments may involve working with other members of a team to complete the program and ensuring other activities are scheduled around the application of weed treatments1
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?In relation to calculating rates, and areas, will be required1
How is use of technology applied?May be demonstrated in cases of machinery malfunctions or chemical spillage1
How is team work used within this competency?Technology may be applied in the preparation, use and maintenance of spray equipment1

Range Statement

Weed details

may include

Treatments applied

may include

Appropriate equipment for treatment application

may include

Occupational Health and Safety hazards

may include

The risk of Occupational Health and Safety hazards

may affect

Personal protective equipment (PPE) used in treatment

may include

Occupational Health and Safety requirements

may include

Regulatory requirements

may include

Environmental impacts

may include

Record keeping

may include

The sport and recreation industry


Evidence Guide

Critical aspects of evidence to be considered

Interdependent assessment of units

Required knowledge and skills

Resource implications

Consistency in performance

Context for assessment

Essential Assessment Information

There is essential information about assessing this competency standard for consistent performance and where and how it may be assessed , in the Assessment Guidelines for this Training Package. All users of these competency standards must have access to the Assessment Guidelines . Further advice may also be sought from the relevant sector booklet .