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Provide technical guidance

Unit Descriptor This unit covers the competence required to access and interpret technical information, assist staff with service/repair work, provide technical information to staff, and facilitate continuous education.

1 . Assist staff with service/repair work

  1. Technical guidance, appropriate to skill level and need, is provided to staff when determining the repair/service method

  2. Staff with advanced technical competence are used as a point of reference

  3. Technical assistance is provided to staff, to identify difficult faults

  4. Assistance is provided to staff during work completion, to ensure technical requirements are met

  5. Potential faults are recognised and precautionary steps are taken to prevent them

  6. Problems arising from the repair procedure are addressed

2 . Provide technical information to staff

  1. Technical information is made available to staff

  2. Current technical information is communicated to staff on a regular basis

  3. Staff are shown how to access, interpret and apply technical information

  4. A range of information sources is accessed through an established network

3 . Facilitate continuous education of self and others

  1. Sharing of information/knowledge is encouraged to continue expansion of personal and team knowledge

  2. Training and education opportunities are identified, to meet technical and business needs, and to enhance technical skills of self and staff

  3. Approval to attend courses is sought from management to ensure current and future technical requirements are met

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

Range Statement

Unit scope

Unit context


Safety (OH&S)

Evidence Guide

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Underpinning knowledge

Specific key competencies, underpinning and employability skills required to achieve the performance criteria

These include a number of processes learned throughout work and life, which are required in most jobs. Some of these are covered by the national key competencies, although others may be added. The details below highlight how these competencies are applied in the attainment of this unit.

Application of the key competencies in this unit are to satisfy the nominated level in which:

Level 1 - relates to working effectively within set conditions and processes;

Level 2 - relates to management or facilitation of conditions or processes; and

Level 3 - relates to design, development and evaluation of conditions or process.

How will the candidate apply the following key competency in this unit? The candidate will need to:

Collect, analyse and organise information

Collect, organise and understand information related to providing technical guidance

(Level 2)

Communicate ideas and information

Communicate ideas and information to customers and supervisors related to providing technical guidance

(Level 2)

Plan and organise activities

Plan and organise activities related to providing technical guidance

(Level 2)

Work with others and in a team

Work with others and in a team by seeing and conveying information related to the planning, sequencing and completion of the task

(Level 2)

Use mathematical ideas and techniques

Use mathematical ideas and techniques to count and measure

(Level 2)

Solve problems

Establish diagnostic processes that identify methods related to providing technical guidance

(Level 2)

Use technology

Use the workplace technology related to providing technical guidance

(Level 2)

Context of, and specific resources for assessment

Method of assessment

Specific resource requirements for this unit