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Overhaul transmissions (manual)

Unit Descriptor This unit covers the competence required to completely dismantle and rebuild manual transmissions. The unit includes identification and confirmation of the work requirement, preparation for work, the testing and analysis of transmissions, the dismantling, assembling, inspection, adjusting, preparation of the manual transmissions for installation and completion of work finalisation processes, including clean-up and documentation.

1 . Prepare to overhaul manual transmission

  1. Nature and scope of the work requirements are identified and confirmed

  2. OH&S requirements, including individual State/Territory regulatory requirements and personal protection needs are observed throughout the work

  3. Procedures and information such as workshop manuals, specifications and tooling, are sourced

  4. Method options are analysed and those most appropriate to the circumstances are selected and prepared

  5. Technical and/or calibration requirements for testing and overhaul are sourced and support equipment is identified and prepared

2 . Test manual transmission and analyse results

  1. Methods for the conduct of the system tests are implemented in accordance with workplace procedures and manufacturer/component supplier specifications

  2. Results are compared with manufacturer/component supplier specifications to indicate compliance or non-compliance

  3. Results are documented with evidence and supporting information and recommendation(s) made

  4. Report is processed in accordance with workplace procedures

3 . Overhaul manual transmission

  1. Information is accessed and interpreted from manufacturer/component supplier specifications

  2. Manual transmissions are overhauled using approved methods and equipment, according to manufacturer/component supplier specifications and tolerances relative to the vehicle/plant manufacturer/component supplier

  3. Manual transmission is overhauled without causing damage to any component or system

  4. Overhauling activities are carried out according to industry regulations/guidelines, OH&S legislation, legislation and enterprise procedures/policies

4 . Prepare transmission for installation

  1. Overhaul schedule documentation is completed

  2. Inspection is made to ensure gears are able to be accessed

  3. Final inspection is made to ensure work is to workplace expectations

  4. Transmission is presented for installation/storage to workplace expectations

  5. Job card is processed in accordance with workplace procedures

Key CompetencyExamples of ApplicationPerformance
How can information be collected, analysed and organised?
How are ideas and information communicated within this competency?
How are activities planned and organised?
How are problem solving skills applied?
How are mathematical ideas and techniques used?
How is use of technology applied?
How is team work used within this competency?

Range Statement

Unit scope

Unit context

Safety (OH&S)

Environmental requirements

Quality requirements

Statutory/regulatory authorities

Tooling and equipment




Evidence Guide

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Relationship to other units

Underpinning knowledge

Specific key competencies, underpinning and employability skills required to achieve the performance criteria

These include a number of processes that are learned throughout work and life, which are required in most jobs. Some of these are covered by the national key competencies, although others may be added. The details below highlight how these competencies are to be applied in the attainment of this unit.

Application of the key competencies in this unit are to satisfy the nominated level in which:

Level 1 - relates to working effectively within set conditions and processes;

Level 2 - relates to management or facilitation of conditions or processes; and

Level 3 - relates to design, development and evaluation of conditions or process.

Collect, analyse and organise information

Apply research and interpretive skills sufficient to locate, interpret and apply manufacturer/component supplier procedures, workplace policies and procedures.

Apply analytical skills required for identification and analysis of technical information

(Level 2)

Communicate ideas and information

Apply plain English literacy and communication skills in relation to dealing with customers and team members

Apply questioning and active listening skills for example when obtaining information from customers

Apply oral communication skills sufficient to convey information and concepts to customers

(Level 1)

Plan and organise activities

Apply planning and organising skills to own work activities, including making good use of time and resources, sorting out priorities and monitoring own performance

(Level 2)

Work with others and in a team

Interact effectively with other persons both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, including understanding and responding to the needs of a customer and working effectively as a member of a team to achieve a shared goal

(Level 1)

Solve problems

The capacity to apply problem-solving strategies in purposeful ways, both in situations where the problem and desired solution are clearly evident and in situations requiring critical thinking and a creative approach to achieve an outcome

(Level 2)

Use mathematical ideas and techniques

Use mathematical ideas and techniques to calculate time, assess tolerances, apply accurate measurements, calculate material requirements and establish quality checks

(Level 1)

Use technology

Use workplace technology related to overhauling manual transmissions, including the use of measuring equipment, electronics, computerised technology and communication devices and reporting/documenting of results

(Level 2)

Context of, and specific resources for assessment

Method of assessment

Specific resource requirements for this unit